Experiments in Street Photography

Gagan Sadana Street Photography Melting London


If you are a street photographer, chances are that you have been inspired by seeing the work of other street photographers. In my case, it is Thomas Leuthard who inspired me to try street photography. His style is to include one main subject in his photographs and majority of his work is in black and white. My style tends to be quite similar.  In the past couple of years, there are other photographers also whose style I have come to admire. This has led me to experiment in street photography and at times deviate, from what I usually look for, when I am out on the street. 


I don't go out on the street, with a plan to experiment,  it is more of an activity led by the impression that the work of other photographers leaves on my mind and heart.


For example, the photograph below that I took at a car boot sale, I could see a story there.  An open car boot with the Superman clothing, partly hung, and a woman sitting in the car. It's rare for me to capture shots like this and although it doesn't fit into my style, it is one of my favourite photographs. Now if I was to publish it on to various photo sharing platforms, would the admirers of my work dismiss this as deviation from my style and take that as a drop in the quality of my work.  Or would they recognise, that as an artist I am trying to see and capture street differently.  

Gagan Sadana Street Photography Boot Sale


A common recommendation given to photographers is to have a very consistent portfolio, in my case, it's  black and white photographs. Will the coloured photographs in the mosaic of my B&W Flickr photo stream show me as an inconsistent artist? 

I strongly believe that each individual's style evolves over the period of years. As an artist trying to go out on the street, and looking for something different from what we have trained our eyes and mind to look for, is one of the ways to evolve as a photographer.

As a street photographer, we are constantly observing the world, and capturing the simple and sometimes awkward things we see.


The photograph below was captured from inside an office building in London. I was behind a wall water fountain. I quite liked how the water on glass wall mixed with the colours in the background, creating a mystery. 

Gagan Sadana Street Photography Melting Pot London

It's a break from my own conventional way of doing street, but refreshing.  

Do you also experiment? Please do share your thoughts and more so your photographs, I would love to see them.

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