Show your Work - What's in my SD Card?

If I am an aspiring artisan, I would like to see more than just the tools and the finished work of other artisans. It would be helpful to see their process, which takes the majority of time and where lies the skill. 

In street photography, my inspiration comes from not only looking at the finished products of fellow photographers, but I am also interested in understanding how the photographer must have captured the shot.

There is a trend in the photography world to show 'What's in your camera bag?" For me these are just tools of the trade, some have expensive and some have more affordable. I would like to see a photographer at work, kind of go behind the scene.
It's not about "what's in my camera bag", but "what's in my SD card". May sound less exciting but this is where, I think, we can learn from each other. 

This time lapse has been created using all of the photographs that I captured using a Fisheye lens on a photowalk. I am sharing my process.

Out of the hundreds of shots that I took, only a few 'made' it and are displayed for a slightly longer duration in the time lapse. The majority of the shots that didn't make it are equally important for me. I consider all the photographs from my photowalk as notes for my visual diary. Sometimes, I would like to flick through these notes (photographs).

I hope you will find it helpful in understanding how I shoot. I did a separate blog on the use of Fisheye lens in street photography and can be accessed here

Do share your process, with me and others, and let's inspire each other. 


Gagan Sadana