The Waiting Game

A photo series captured in Vadodara about the commuters using the auto rickshaw taxis. 

A street photography series 'The Waiting Game' captured in Vadodara, India. 

This short photo series was captured the over the period of two days, in the city of Vadodara, explorers daily commuters waiting in the auto rickshaws (shared taxis).

For the auto rickshaw drivers, the journey from the railway station to the other part of the cities, ferrying the commuters is only viable if they have a minimum of three passengers, a fact well known to the passengers. It was interesting to see passengers on most occasions, waiting in the auto rickshaws with other co-passengers, who are complete strangers.

During the peak time of the day, the wait is much shorter. In a matter of minutes, there will be enough passengers in the auto rickshaws. During the off-peak time, there will be only few auto rickshaws in service. Many of the drivers would often sit together and relax.

All the photographs are candid (not staged), that is the way I prefer.